Ad Maker

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    • Game Graphic Design
    • Pre-Press Printing Houses
    • Packaging & Label Design
    • Animation & Video Production
    • Brand Development Advertising Agencies
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    • Text Sizing  
    • Easy To Use 
    • Snap To Grid
    • Larger Drawing Area
    • Pan and Zoom Effects
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    • Commerce Platforms
    • Social Media Marketers
    • Make a Video Yourself or Collaborate
    • Integrate a Video Maker in Your Website
    • Automate Video Creation Using Rest APIs

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    • Animaker Deck
    • Unique Video Styles 
    • World’s Largest Animated Library
    • World’s First Video Infographics Maker
    • End To End Visual Solution (Enterprise)
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    • Scan & Analyze
    • Customize & Share
    • Assemble Video Outline
    • Royalty Free Media Library
    • Save Time on Video Creation with the Power of AI
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    • Drive Traffic
    • Easy Drag-And-Drop Interface
    • Create Impressive Videos in Minutes
    • Beautiful, Versatile Video Templates
    • Access to Over A Million Stock Assets
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    • Ability to Create Templates
    • Best Video Quality: Up to HD 1080p
    • Unlimited Personal Media Uploads
    • Complete HTML5 Cloud-Based Editor
    • 1+ Million Free Videos, Sounds, & Images
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    • Create Slideshow Presentations
    • Professional Results In Just A Few Minutes
    • Makes It Easy For Anyone to Create a Video
    • Ideal Solution for Your Video Marketing Strategy
    • Share and Download Your Videos in Mp4 with One Click
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    Ad Maker
    $99.95/Lump Sum
    • Caption
    • Music and Sound
    • Animation and Effects
    • Background Photo or Video
    • Video Editing the Easiest Thing Ever
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    • Blazing Fast
    • Easy To Use
    • Studio Quality
    • Very Affordable
    • Creative Freedom
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Ad Maker

Best Ad Maker for Perfect Marketing

Do you want to create outstanding Short Video Ads? If yes, Tech Place can help you find the Best ad makers.

Stunning Facts about Video Marketing

According to Forbes, Video Marketing is the future of businesses. It means that creating short video ads is absolutely essential for any company. You must make sure you include videos in your content marketing strategy.

Here are some exciting statistics that will give you a fair idea about the importance of short video ads for your business:

  • Marketing via video is the biggest way to reach people (Forbes)
  • Videos can help you increase conversions by 80%
  • By 2019, 80% of Internet consumption will be video content
  • 55% of people watch videos online every day (Digital Information World)
  • Videos can help you grow revenue 49% faster than non-users
  • Videos help you have 41% more web traffic from search compared to those who don’t

Benefits of Short Video Ads

With the help of ad makers you can create great ads for your business. The attention span of people today has dramatically decreased. According to Time Magazine, our attention span is even shorter than that of a goldfish now! It basically means we have shorter than 8 seconds attention span. So keeping your video ads short is the way to go. You don’t have to create long videos for advertisement purpose.

Having short video ads is the key to offer real information to customers without diverting their attention.

Here are some great benefits of short video ads:

  • Video ads convert sales
  • Video ads do well among mobile users
  • People share video
  • Search engines love video
Use Ad Makers to Save Time and Money

Finding the right ad makers can help you create perfect ads. They can help you save both time and money.