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    • Streamline the Buying Process 
    • A/B Test Your Offers, Forms, & Displays
    • Create & Sync Powerful Offers & Discounts
    • Sync Hidden Fields & Liquid Variables to Your ESP
    • Use On-Site Targeting To Reach Key Shopper Segments
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    • Increase Awareness
    • Achieve Maximum Reach
    • Deliver a Seamless Experience
    • Powerful, Sustained Performance
    • Help Shoppers Find Products They Haven't Yet Seen
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    • Easy Setup
    • Real-Time Results
    • Professional Campaigns
    • Boost Your Online Visibility
    • Experts at Search Engine Advertising
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    • Eliminate Click Fraud
    • Target the Right Audience
    • Reach the Right Advertisers
    • Determine Publisher Quality
    • Access Premium Ad Placement

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    • Faster Ads
    • Smarter Ads
    • More Profitable Ads
    • Get Started in Less than a Minute
    • Dynamically create more efficient and creative display and search ads 
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    • Optimize Performance
    • Recapture Visitor Interest 
    • Sophisticated A/B Testing
    • Increase Conversion Rates By 147%
    • Capture More Leads From Retargeting Campaigns
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    • Increase Cart Value
    • Promote Special Offers
    • Facilitate Social Sharing
    • Capture More Subscribers
    • Reduce Cart Abandonment
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    • Upgrade your Marketing
    • Intelligent Lead Captures
    • Exclusive AI-Powered Features
    • Personalized Website Messaging
    • Audience Analytics to Convert more Visitors into Customers
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    • OS/Browser/User Agent
    • Post-Campaign Analysis
    • Mobile/Desktop/Tablet Traffic
    • Search Traffic - Paid/Non-Paid
    • Target by Source/Medium/Campaign
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Boost Your Advertising with the Best Retargeting Platforms

Retargeting Platforms help you manage the entire process of ad serving and retargeting in an effortless way. Tech Place has the listing of the Best Ad Serving Platforms and Ad Retargeting Platforms to help you make the right decision.

What exactly is Retargeting?

Businesses today use Ad Serving and Retargeting for the promotion of their products or services. Ad serving implies using an ad server to deliver an advertisement to viewers through websites. Retargeting or Remarketing in Google AdWords, is a process of tracking down the viewers who visited your website. Retargeting and ad serving has tons of benefits for your business advertising. That is why they make powerful tools that must be used.

Types of Retargeting

Offsite Retargeting: . In offsite retargeting, the visitor is on another website but this system tracks the visitor with the help of cookies and displays the promotional ads to the visitor while they are visiting another website. The system also keeps sending visitors promotional emails.
Onsite Retargeting: . Onsite retargeting process is used to convert the visitor into a buyer. It involves displaying specific promotional offers to the visitor while they are still on the company’s website.
According to a research, only 2% of visitors convert into buyers. These processes help to increase the potential buyers.

Features of Ad Serving and Retargeting Platforms
Ad Campaign Features

Ad Serving Platforms allow you to create your campaigns and advertisement. They give an easy platform for you to set up the best ad campaigns. You can create profiles of the visitors and target them according to their interests. Displaying of banners, rich text, audio and video ads are supported as well.

Ad Reporting and Analytic Features

Retargeting Platforms not only accommodate the advertisement campaigns, but also allow you to figure out how successful that campaign was. Multiple reports can be generated to compare the performance. Users can track down how visitors showed interest in what products or services. A dashboard and integrated platform allow users to manage the ad campaigns in one place.