Affiliate Marketing Programs

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    • Manually or Automatically Approve 
    • Tracking Traffic for Affiliate Websites 
    • Set a Different Commission for Each Product
    • Banners,Text Links,HTML Ads,Promotions in Marketing
    • Create Coupons (Marketing as well as Tracking Option)
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    • Products and Tools 
    • Measure and Optimize
    • Comprehensive Screening
    • Monitoring Ensure the Quality 
    • Management with Strategic Recommendations to Grow Your Business
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    • The All-in-One Platform
    • Enroll,Track,Reward,Grow
    • Automate the Process of Enrolling, Tracking
    • Rewarding Your Ambassadors so You Can Focus on Growing Your Business
    • Integrate with the Technologies You Already Use and Easily Customize Our Platform to Align With Your Branding
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    • Direct link click tracking 
    • Post Affiliate Pro supports all types of affiliate links
    • Just choose what format of link will best fit your needs
    • Protect your affiliate program against fraudulent transactions
    • Track sales in multiple currencies and recompute them into one default currency
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    • Track Every Action
    • Click and Conversion Through Our Real-Time Platform
    • Affiliate Marketing System Setup Manage Consultation
    • Promote The World’s Largest Marketplace For Business Services
    • Complete Affiliate Marketing Setup Ready To Make Multiple Commissions
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    • On-Time Payments
    • High Payouts & Direct Offers
    • Personal Account Managers Available 24/7
    • Wide Choice of Targeted Countries OS and Devices
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    • Through eBay Partner Network
    • Get the Powerful Tools You Need
    • You Can Run Ads For The Advertiser
    • Get a Deep Understanding of Affiliate Marketing
    • You'll Find Amazing Brands and Sellers on eBay Offering a Wide Array of Products
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    • Course Book & Action Guide
    • Put Your Core Business Values into Action
    • Twitter-friendly tips to share on social media 
    • Identify the Values that Will Drive Your Business
    • Define the Core Principles that Drive Your Lasting Business Success
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    • Daily Affiliate Recruitment Service 
    • Five Scaled Levels of Program Promotion 
    • The Instant Traffic Pool is a 'Cost Per Click' 
    • Program Promotion, with Premium Position
    • Suitable Promotions Package that Matches Your Budget
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    • Fraud-Guard
    • Real Time Stats
    • Multi-User Access
    • Automatic Conversion Caps
    • High-Touch Support & Team Training

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Make Millions with the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Are you preparing your online business marketing plan? Have you considered Affiliate Marketing Programs? If not, you must not miss out on it. One of the most famous quotes reads:

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.”

This single statement is enough to prove why you must make use of Affiliate Programs. Before you learn more about the benefits of Affiliate Marketing, let us first see what is it all about?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is basically the process of making money (commission) by promoting other’s products. In simple words, you find a product and promote it and in return receive money for each sale. You basically promote other’s using an affiliate network, in most cases, for which you earn commission if people ultimately buy it as a result of your promotion efforts. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular marketing tactics that helps you drive sales and generate revenue. It makes a great choice as it helps both brands and affiliates to make money.

Why Affiliate Programs?

The US affiliate marketing spending is likely to reach $6.8 billion by 2020

The affiliate marketing industry statistics show solid growth. According to statistics, 15% of the total digital media advertising revenue is credited to affiliate marketing. Researches also show that 35% of affiliates earn over $20,000. The US affiliate marketing spending is likely to reach $6.8 billion by 2020. Affiliate marketing is also considered as one of the most popular tactics for capturing customers’ attention. It is also a simple yet effective way of engaging with existing customers. That way you are sure to drive sales and generating revenue with Affiliate programs. All these statistics show that Affiliate Marketing can be great for businesses. 81% of brands and 84% of publishers are already using this marketing strategy. So if you are not one of those who are making use of it, it is time that you do.

Finding the Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

While there are many options, finding the best Affiliate Marketing Websites can be tricky. How to choose websites for your affiliate programs that can be most beneficial? How to keep track of your Affiliate Marketing? Well, for that you need to consider a number of factors such as experience, general reputation, customer reviews, traffic etc. It requires lot of time and effort. But Tech Place has made this task easy for you by picking the best tools for to manage your Affiliate Marketing.


Integrate with the technologies already use
  • Track sales in multiple currencies
  • Customize platform to suit your need
  • Direct link click tracking
  • Automate enrolling, tracking, and rewarding your ambassadors
  • Daily Affiliate Recruitment Service