Business Intelligence Platforms

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    • Email
    • HR System
    • User Groups
    • Social Intranet
    • Document Management

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    • Core Analytics
    • Exploratory Reports
    • Automatic Monitoring and Alerts
    • Infrastructure, APIs, and Integrations
    • Custom Dashboards for Mobile, Web, TV and Email
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    • Data board Designer 
    • Schedule Email Snapshots 
    • Single URL Dashboard Carousel 
    • Native mobile apps (iOS & Android)  
    • Goal Tracking and Slack Integration 
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    • Real-Time Results
    • Drag and Drop Design
    • Interactive Intelligence
    • Mobile-Friendly Dashboards
    • Drilldowns & Data Connections
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    • IT & Help Desk
    • Custom Solutions
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Email & Collaboration

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    • Collaborate and Share
    • Self-service and Modern BI
    • Build Custom Apps in Hours
    • Access Insights from Anywhere
    • Construct Automated Workflows in Minutes

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    • Discover Insights
    • Visualize Your Data
    • Drive Your Business with Data
    • Control and Manage Your Data
    • Data-Driven Dashboards for B2B Merchants
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    • Visual Data Prep
    • SaaS/Multi-Cloud
    • Advanced Data Prep
    • Broad Data Connectivity
    • Modern Platforms Build on Open APIs
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    • Analytics and BI
    • Data Management
    • Secure, Flexible, Mobile
    • Warp-Speed Integration
    • Better Data and Analytics Boost Performance
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    • Solution Providers
    • System Integrator
    • Simple & Profitable
    • Authorized Resellers
    • Managed Service Providers
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Business Intelligence Platforms

Discover New Insights with the Best Business Intelligence Platforms

Business Intelligence Platforms are designed to help you have visibility into your company’s data. Implementing Analytics Software is highly important for companies undergoing digital transformation. Business intelligence platform software is the primary category of analytics tools deployed in companies.

Since businesses need to tackle a large amount of data nowadays it is highly important to have access to Business Intelligence Platforms and tools so that you can understand and act on that data in a better way. With the help of these tools you can visualize and understand business data better. As a result, you can make more lucrative business decisions.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Platforms

If you don’t have a Business Intelligence Platforms yet, you should consider getting one of your earliest. These tools will help you enjoy tons of benefits for your business by helping you understand business data better. Here are some of the major benefits of Business Intelligence Platforms Software:

  • Discover new insights
  • Help in making data-driven decision
  • Measure and understand company performance
  • Connect all company data sources into a single platform