Campaign Management Tools

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    • Save Time
    • Maximize Impact
    • Advanced Integrations 
    • Task & Sub Task Management
    • Shareable Dashboards, Collaborators
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    • Boost campaign performance by 30%
    • Track Conversions Across all Channels
    • Google Places, Maps and Directory Inclusions
    • Get analytics, APIs & Tracking with your Branding
    • Integrate All Data with your Dashboard on One Platform
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    • Autoresponders
    • Increase Conversion Rates
    • Automate the Customer Journey
    • Build, Publish, and Host Beautiful, High Converting Landing Pages
    • E-mails get Delivered just When your Contacts are Most Likely to Engage
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    • Improve your Backlink Profile 
    • Compare your Website with your Competitors
    • You can Cancel our Subscriptions on a Monthly Basis
    • Discover the Organic and Paid Performance of a Website
    • Get Inspiration for New Keywords and Topics for your Domain
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    • Planning a Content Marketing Campaign
    • Highest CPC and Most Searched Keywords
    • Adwords Keyword Advice for Your Campaign
    • Researching Your Competitor’s Marketing Strategy
    • Get an Adwords Account up and Running the Right Way
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    • 14-days free trial
    • Scheduled emailing
    • Best-In-Class Integrations
    • Save 10 to 30 Hours of Time Every Month
    • #1 Reporting Automation Tool for PPC, SEO, Social and Web Analytics
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    • Connect your Own Data
    • Website traffic, Ecommerce overview
    • Set Measurable Goals and Track your Progress
    • Build your own Dashboards, No Coding Required
    • Visualize Performance From 65+ One-Click Integrations in Minutes
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    • Bulk Scheduling
    • Invite your Clients Directly From the Tool
    • SocialPilot Automatically Shortens your URL 
    • Get 2 Months Free with Annual Subscription
    • Upload Upto 500 Posts with Bulk Scheduling
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    • One-Time Set Up
    • Generate New Leads
    • Pay Per Click Management
    • Personnel Account Manager
    • Assign Keywords, Multiple Campaigns
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    • Ideal for Freelancers
    • 24/7 Help and Support
    • Manage All Your Work in One Place
    • 14-days Trial Period with All Features
    • Integrated CRM, Project Management, Time Tracking and Billing 

Campaign Management Tools

Give Wings to Your Business with the Best Campaign Management Tools

Are you planning to run your next marketing campaign? Do you have the right tools to manage your campaign? If not, Tech Place can help you find just the right Campaign Management Tools. We have got a list of the best Marketing Automation Platforms that can help you run your marketing activities smoothly. These Campaign Managers help you take care of all your marketing and advertising even if you are not an expert marketer.

The Age of Ecommerce

E-commerce retail grows almost 3 times faster Than brick-and-mortar shops

The Internet users are growing at a blazing speed. The recent evolution of the Internet basically is the results of two things. Once is the Social Media and other is the development in the mobile technology. These two factors have helped the world become a global village. So for businesses today, ecommerce is the key to success. Over half of the world’s population uses the Internet. Statistics show that over half of those used websites using mobile devices. That means you can reach out to millions of people with a single click. Marketing your business on the web is the best thing you can reach to reach out to your target audiences with ease. Campaign Managers can help you streamline your marketing efforts. So if you still not used a tool for marketing, it is time you do.

How Marketing Automation Platforms Can Help

Marketing Automation Platforms can help you manage all your marketing and advertising activities. These tools allow you to run and manage your marketing activities using a single platform. Just as the Internet has evolved in the recent years, marketing has also dramatically changed. From Social Media Advertising to Pay Per Click, marketing today is not what it used to be in the past. It calls for technical expertise as well as business acumen to run successful marketing campaigns. Using Campaign Management Tools is the simplest way to manage all your advertising and marketing with ease. You don’t have to worry about keeping track. Whether you have to run PPC campaign or social media marketing, these platforms can help.


Some of the features and benefits of Campaign Management Tools include:

  • Planning a Content Marketing Campaign
  • PPC Management
  • Assigning Keywords
  • Researching Competitor’s Marketing Strategy
  • AdWords Keyword Advice
  • Running Multiple Campaigns
  • One-Time Set Up