Cloud Hosting

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    • Local Backups
    • Unlimited Sites
    • Gigabit Bandwidth
    • Integrated Firewall
    • DDoS Attack Protection
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    • Free Daily Backups
    • Free 1-Click Installer
    • Free 24/7 UK Support
    • Free migration of Existing Sites
    • Free Automatic WordPress Updates
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    • Data Mirroring
    • Integrated Caching
    • Intuitive Dashboard
    • Automated Failover
    • Resource Management
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    • Free Transfer
    • SuperCharged
    • 24/7/365 Support
    • Multiple Backups
    • Money Back Guarantees
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    • Security
    • Expertise
    • Affordable
    • Optimized
    • SSD Storage
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    • VIP Access
    • Secure on Every Layer
    • Pre-Config Security Settings
    • Increase Rand Decrease Vulnerability
    • Provisioning That's Ready to Get You Goin
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    • 100% Uptime Guarantee
    • Free Migration Assistance
    • Managed Services Included
    • Enterprise Level SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Free SSL Certificates
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    • DDoS Protection
    • Commendatory Backup
    • Easy-to-Use Control Panel
    • Instant Account Activation
    • Full-Refund Money-Back Guarantee

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Cloud Hosting Services

Enjoy Seamless Performance, 99.9% and Much More with the Best Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting Services can help you enjoy seamless hosting options for your website. Cloud Hosting has got a lot of popular in recent times. Basically, the cloud is a concept used across various technology areas. It has even got its branches in the world of hosting as well. If you are going to launch your website, it is important for you to have a little idea about the basics of cloud hosting. So let us have a look at what exactly cloud hosting involves before we present you with the Cloud Hosting Services list.

What’s Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the latest type of web hosting. It has got lot of popularity recently. The idea behind cloud hosting is kind of "Divide and Rule". In this kind of web hosting the resources meant site maintenance are spread across over a single web server. They are rendered whenever there is need. As a result, the occurrences of downtimes are decreased if there is any malfunction from the server side.

With the help of Cloud Hosting you can manage peak loads without any trouble as another server can provide the extra resources as and when you need. So it means that your site does not depend on a single server, but various servers that work jointly. That is why they are called “the cloud."

Why Cloud Hosting Services?

Well, you might wonder why you should opt of Cloud Hosting Providers and not other kinds of hosting options. The reason is that Cloud Hosting has lots of pros and few cons. According to Forbes, there are lots of benefits of moving to the Cloud . Here are few great benefits of moving to the cloud for hosting:

Cloud Hosting Helps Your Save Money

When you opt for other kind of web hosting you are required to pay on monthly basis. Even if you do not use all the resources of your server, you are required to make the payment. This is not the same with cloud hosting. Interestingly, you just need to pay for what you utilize when it comes to the cloud.

Cloud Hosting Allows You to Scale Resources with Ease

Scaling your server resources becomes effortless, thanks to Cloud Hosting. You get access to a simple dashboard for site management that helps you see the performance of your website in real time.

High Uptime and Availability

One of the major benefits of Cloud Hosting Services is that it helps you enjoy high uptime . In case of traditional hosting options, the uptime of your website depends upon the physical server environment. On the other hand, uptime in case of Cloud Hosting is high as it is wedded into the structure.

Other Benefits

  • Fast Server Setup
  • No server hardware problems
  • Faster Website Speed and Performance
  • Great for websites with Scalable Traffic
  • Easy maintenance
  • Security