Email Marketing

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    Email Marketing
    $38.00/5000 Visitors
    • Assign Keywords
    • One-Time Set Up
    • Multiple Campaigns
    • Pay Per Click Management
    • Personnel Account Manager
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    • Facebook Ads
    • Retargeting Ads
    • No Daily Sending Limit
    • Send Time Optimization
    • Email & SMS personalization
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    • Tracking & Reporting
    • Drag-And-Drop Editor
    • Customizable Templates
    • List-Building Tools & Welcome Email 
    • Run Polls or Surveys to Gain Actionable Customer Feedback.
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      • Real-Time Reports
      • Multi-User Account
      • Intelligent Email Builder
      • Unbeatable Email Automation
      • Powerful Integrations and API
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      • Unlimited Emailing
      • Unlimited Searches
      • Automated FollowUps
      • Customizable Template
      • Automated Email Broadcasting
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      • Create and Manage
      • Analysis and Optimisation
      • Integrate with Hundreds of Applications
      • Slingshot (Transactional Email and SMS)
      • Track & Engage (Tracking Ecommerce 360º)
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      • No Branding In Email Footer
      • Store Up To 25,000 Recipients
      • Unlimited Campaigns per Month
      • Unlimited Recipients per Campaign
      • Use Any Email as the Send Address
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      • Unlimited emails
      • Email Split Testing
      • Email Deliverability Rate
      • Email Marketing Tracking
      • Automating & Segmenting

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      • Highest ROI
      • Advanced Integrations
      • Real Time Activity Tracking
      • All-In-One Online Marketing Solution
      • Create Professional Email Campaigns
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      • Robust Infrastructure
      • Rock-Solid Deliverability
      • Service Level Agreement
      • Delivery & Integration Experts
      • Custom Onboarding & Migration 
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    Email Marketing Tools

    Boost Your SEO Efforts with Powerful Email Marketing Tools

    Email Marketing Tools are special digital products that help you create, distribute and manage your email campaigns. Emails are an essential part of digital marketing. Whether you should use email marketing a part of your online efforts or not is something that might be disturbing you. Only if you get to know some email marketing statistics making a decision will become very easy.

    The Power of Email Marketing

    Email generates $38 for every $1 spent

    Email generates $38 for every $1 spent. That makes it 3,800 % ROI which shows that emails make one of the most powerful forms of marketing today. Statistics show that 99% of consumers check their email every day. By 2019, active email accounts are likely to hit 5.6 billion. It is also worth noting that 93% of B2B marketers make use of email for content distribution.All these figures clearly show that you don’t actually have to think twice before using emails for your marketing and SEO efforts. If you are not really sure how email campaigns work, looking for a reliable email marketing tool is all that you need to do.

    How Email Marketing Tools Work

    Email marketing tools are very useful allowing you to manage your email campaigns with least effort. They can help you enjoy lots of features that make them even more useful. Some of them also include drag-and-drop editor that allow you to customize your emails with ease. You can also run polls or surveys with the help of these tools and gain actionable feedback from your customers. Email marketing software may also include additional features as:

    • Automated Follow-ups
    • Automated Email Broadcasting
    • Customizable Template
    • Real time activity tracking
    • Professional email campaigns

    Finding the Best Email Marketing Tools

    While there are many Email Marketing Services out there, it is not possible to depend on every tool you come across. Some are more reliable and effective than others. A number of factors need to be considered while choosing the best Email Marketing Tool. You need to look into the experience, technology, features and other aspects of Email Marketing Service.

    Tech Place Best Email Marketing Tools

    Since analyzing all these is time consuming and not everyone can manage to take that pain, Tech Place has come to help. We have prepared the list of the Best Email Marketing Tools. Our experts have done all the homework for you. So now to find and use a tool, all you need to do is to go through our listing. We have chosen the best tools from world the planet. All you need to do is to visit look into the features of each service and pick one that best meets your needs. We have made choosing the best Email Marketing Service a painless task. So wait no more and simply hit the road now!