Location Intelligence Software

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    • Unlimited Apps
    • Unlimited Records
    • Export Data Formats
    • Drag and Drop App Builder
    • Dynamic Requirement & Visibility Logic
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    • Mobile Web Split
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Keyword Generator
    • Mobile App Engagement
    • Competitor Keyword Research
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    • Build Interactive Maps
    • Gain Additional Details 
    • Search the World's Location
    • Filtering Data and Changing Colors 
    • Region Information in Text, Tables, and Images
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    • Up to 40 datasets
    • 500MB Disk Storage
    • Up to 10 Public Maps
    • Basic Data Connectors
    • Unlimited Private Maps
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    • Lead Generation
    • Optimized Routing
    • Mobile Compatibility
    • Prioritized Scheduling
    • Map-based Visualization
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    • Location Analytics
    • Intelligence Platform
    • Process Identified Data
    • Competitive Performance
    • Drive brand marketing, financial & business strategy
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    • Measure Visitor Traffic
    • Distinguish Individuals 
    • Detect People with Accuracy
    • Measure Conversions & Abandonment
    • Measure interactions with Products, Displays, & Retail Zones
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    • GeoEnrichment
    • Location Analytics
    • Increase Satisfaction
    • Applied Analytics & Marketing Services
    • Intelligent Infrastructure Management
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    •  Determine the Catchment Area 
    • Estimated Inner and Outer Competition 
    • Display Demographic & Economic Metrics
    • Identify the Locations with the Highest Traffic
    • Digitally Empowered Location-Planning Software

Location Intelligence Software

Best Location Intelligence Software for Precise Location Analytics

Location Intelligence Software is business intelligence tools designed to provide location analytics in order to identify the relationship between certain objects considering their location. These tools can be of great help as they allow you to see trends on maps and graphics to optimize business opportunities.

According to Forbes, companies use location analytics to delight customers and fuel growth. Experts believe that using tools that help you have better understanding of the needs of customer’s needs and preferences is highly important today. By 2021, firms that don’t use an insight-driven, customer-centric, strategy will have problems of survival (Forrester’s James McCormick). Having Location Intelligence Software in place is one of the few steps that you need to take to ensure you have a clear view of your customer’s needs.

Derive Patterns and Trends

One of the major benefits of using Location Intelligence Software is that they help you derive trends and patterns. Using location analytics will give you a chance to enjoy lots of features for this purpose, such as distance and travel data, density analysis, geospatial mapping for determining terrain, and more. Thus you can enjoy a competitive edge with the help of these tools.

Who Should Use Location Intelligence Software?

Location Intelligence Companies and software can be particularly useful for you if you are a data scientist or analyst. With the help of these digital tools you will be able to pull out business insights. Like if you are an analyst, you may use these tools to learn about the ideal location for a new warehouse where transportation of goods can be made more quickly to nearby stores.

You can seek help from location intelligence companies or software in addition to other tools such as Business intelligence platform software to make the most of location analytics.