Managed DNS Providers

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    • Network Security
    • Virtual Appliances
    • DNS Management
    • DHCP Management
    • IP Address Management

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    • 24/7 support
    • Domain Investors
    • Domain Resellers
    • Brands & Enterprise
    • Small Business & individuals
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    • Quick, simple Tools
    • Real-Time Monitoring 
    • World-Class Support
    • Simple Domain Set Up
    • 400 Professional Email Aliases
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    • White label Solutions
    • Interface Provides Key Features 
    • Free Services Included With Each Domain
    • High Performance and High Availability Interfaces
    • Provides Technical and Administrative Management 
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    • Experience & Expertise
    • Predictive Threat Intelligence
    • Security Management Simplified
    • Empower Customers with Better Data
    • Consistent Protection and Confidence
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    • Custom Server Locations
    • DDoS Protection for DNS
    • DNS Manager for WHMCS
    • DNS Outsourcing for Hosting Companies
    • Dedicated Anycast IPs and Custom Server Names
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    • Robust APIs
    • DNS Firewall
    • Granular DNS Logs
    • Single Source of Truth
    • Reporting & Auditing
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    • DNS as A Built-In Service
    • DNS Is Available On All Free
    • Secure, Reliable DNS Lookups
    • Fast, Authoritative DNS Performance
    • Domain Name Queries Are Processed Within Milliseconds
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    • DDOS Protection
    • Monitor & Failover DNS
    • Monitor Servers &  Apps 
    • Insanely Fast & Reliable DNS
    • Failover SIP Servers for VOIP
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Managed DNS Providers

Enjoy Power and Flexibility with the Best Managed DNS Providers

Managed DNS Providers can help you with smooth operations of your business on the web. DNS Hosting Service basically runs Domain Name System servers. This kind of hosting is best when the provider has many servers in a number of locations offering flexibility for you.

According to Forbes, DNS is the most important of the Internet’s infrastructure. DNS queries travel a much shorter distance operating DNS nodes closer to users. As a result, you enjoy more efficient Web address resolution speed. There are many DNA Management Services that can provide you with great services for your website. Before we present you with the listing of the Best Managed DNS Services let us look at some of the benefits of DNS Management.

Benefits of using Managed DNS Services

Well, all businesses having a website, app etc. that need the Internet must consider managed DNS Providers. The reason is that this kind of service offers you much more than the basic network utility. In the present times, it has emerged as the critical factor offering reliability as well as performance. Here are some of the great advantages that you can enjoy with Managed DNS Services.


If you opt for a managed DNS Services, you need not worry about setting up and maintaining your own servers. In addition, there is no need to worry about other stuff such as the details related to keeping DNS infrastructure running. All you need to do is to set your records and get going with your work.

Save money

Another benefit of managed DNS Services is that they help you save the big bucks. Pooling your services with various others allows you to save the maintenance cost of hardware and software.


The best Managed DNS Providers provide you with maximum performance. As soon as you make a change to one of the zones hosted with your provider, they make use of a proprietary mechanism in order to update the records at their server nodes spread across the globe.


DNS management aims to provide you with top notch security. The Best Managed DNS Providers are well aware of security problems that may affect software in use. You also get auto updates to the serves with your apps.

Professional Tools and Features

Another plus of using the best Managed DNS Services is that you get access to a host of professional tools and features. These Managed DNS Providers offer a number of tools for Primary, Secondary and Reverse DNS. You may also enjoy features such as Domain parking, Web Forwarding, DNS statistics, E-mail Forwarding, and more.