Mobile Analytics Tools

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    • Geo-Targeting
    • Funnel Analysis
    • Mobile Analytics
    • Data Visualization
    • Competitive Analysis
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    • Core Analytics
    • Exploratory Reports
    • Automatic Monitoring and Alerts
    • Infrastructure, APIs, and Integrations
    • Custom Dashboards for Mobile, Web, TV and E-mail
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    • HTTPS Encryption
    • Real-Time Responses
    • Password Protection
    • Embed Survey in Website
    • Unlimited Response Collectors
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    • Real-time plan alignment
    • Build Interactive BI Reports 
    • Adopt the mobile and desktop BI tools 
    • Cloud-based Architecture of the BI Platform 
    • Easily Create and Share Engaging Data Views 
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    • Get the Big Picture by Tracking Events
    • Get Fuller Context and Better Insights
    • Understand User Behavior with Heatmaps
    • Watch Real Video Recordings of Your Users' Sessions 
    • Form Interactions to Understand Customer Experience
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    • Explore your Data to Find the Right Insights
    • Verify & Boost Data Quality while Saving Time
    • Transform Data into Action & Multiply its Value
    • Tag with Flexibility & Customize your Implementations
    • Share the Power of Data with those Who Need it the Most
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    • 50+ One-Click Integrations
    • Resources and documentation
    • Build better customer experiences
    • Tracking events and event properties
    • The data is only as good as what you put into it
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    • App Analytics
    • Web Activity Tracking
    • Custom Activity Tracking
    • Unified View of Customer
    • Payload Auto Identification
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    • A/B Testing
    • Premium support
    • Custom User Segmentation
    • Deep Linking and Install Attribution
    • Customizable Designs with Codeless Design Editor 
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    • Web and Mobile Libraries
    • Text your Tracking Code with A Live Data Stream
    • Explore our Catalog of Tools for Analytics, and E-mail
    • Connect Platforms like Salesforce, Stripe, & Facebook Ads
    • Schematize and Load your Data into a Cloud Data Warehouse

Mobile Analytics Tools

Best Mobile Analytics Tools for Effective Digital Transformation

Mobile Analytics offers the greatest opportunity for digital transformation as its power to transform is boundless and its reach is much higher. Mobile Analytics Tools are very useful for businesses for this purpose. These tools help track the activities of a user while using the company’s application. They also help you find how much time a user is spending on your app.

With the help of Mobile Analytics you get a comprehensive record of user activities like where a user spends more time on the app, at what time the user exits and which one is the most interesting segment for the user. This valuable data will help you make new strategies or improve upon the old ones. So if you don’t have an app analyzer you must for this tool.

How Mobile Analytics Tools Help?

Mobile analytics stands as the final bridge that links decision to action (Forbes)

According to Forbes, Mobile Analytics are becoming more significant as the space between consuming analytics content on a PC as opposed to a mobile device is fading at a fast pace.

Comprehensive ROI investigation

A huge variety of apps are competing on different channels like the app store. Mobile analytics help you understand which channel contributes more to customer attention. It also helps you decide on what channel more resources should be used to maximize ROI.

Better Response to Customers

Mobile Analytics Tools allow you to work more on customer retention. They help you have detailed customer tracks about downloads and use of the application. With the complete information about customer interests, you will be in a better position to respond to their feedback. In addition, Mobile Analytics allow you to reduce the number of customers who download and use the application only once.

More Customer-Focused Marketing

Companies use push messages for marketing purpose. Mobile Analytics Tools gathered the most personalized customer data so that push message can be sent in a way that increases the application open rate. Besides, this tool lets you analyze why customers never come back after opening the app once. This feature enables you to change your strategy to convert them into long term customers.