Mobile-Friendly Test

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    • Funnel Analysis
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    • Competitive Analysis
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    • 3rd Party App Integrations
    • Unlimited Screenshot Testing
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    • Mobile Friendly
    • Fast, Easy Site Creation
    • Integrated Tools like QR Codes
    • Analytics and Online Reservations
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    • Mobile Friendly
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Mobile-Friendly Test

Boost Your Website’s Rankings on Search Engines with the Best Mobile-Friendly Test Tools

For websites Mobile Friendly Test has become crucial today. The reason is quite obvious: the increased use of mobile devices across the globe.

Responsive design adapts the display of your site to the size of the device in use. In other words, mobile friendliness refers to auto-resizing of the content.

Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Test
61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile website they had problem accessing
( Google )

One of the major benefits of responsive design is that it helps increase your website’s search engine rankings. With the help of mobile-friendly elements such as a large site search bar, you can make your website easier to use on mobile and tablets. As a result, that will help you keep more visitors on your website for a longer period of time. That in turn will help you enjoy more sales.

What is Mobile Friendly Test?

Mobile Friendly Test refers to digital tools that help you carry out a mobile site test to find out about the score of a website with regard to mobile responsiveness. Google gives lot of importance to the sites that look good on all devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet etc. and also take less time to load.

Conducting a Mobile Friendly Test will help you find out if your website is mobile responsive or not. Thus, you will be able to make a decision if you need to redesign your website or if it is good enough in terms of responsiveness.