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    • Publishing
    • Book Editing
    • Cover Design
    • Book Interior Design
    • Bestseller Promotions
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    • Podcast Hosting
    • Podcast Statistics
    • Podcasting Manual
    • Podcast Advertising
    • Largest Podcast Directory
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    • Strategic Planning
    • Branding Creation
    • Launch & Promotion
    • Ongoing Publishing
    • Growth & Monetization
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    • Republish To YouTube
    • Customizable Media Player
    • Direct WordPress Integration
    • Customized Podcast Websites
    • One Click Imports of Your Podcast Content

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    • Reliable Cloud Hosting
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Your Own Domain and Branding
    • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth
    • Website Builder and Full-Featured Podcast Site
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    • Audio Monitoring
    • The PodCraft Podcast
    • Audio Editing Software
    • Choosing & Using Podcast Gear
    • Exploring the World of Podcasting Mics

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    $69.00/Lump Sum
    • Our Podcast Themes
    • No Coding Required
    • WordPress Customizer
    • SEO & Speed Optimized
    • Podcast WordPress Themes
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    • Email Capture
    • Smart Track Player
    • Smart Podcast Player 
    • Image Customization
    • Displays Unlimited Episodes

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    • Podcast Editor
    • Content Writer
    • Checking on Stats
    • Head of Marketing
    • Manage Team Members
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    $10.00/per hour
    • Flexible Exports
    • Audiotext Editor
    • Custom Dictionary
    • SEO-Friendly Media Player
    • Fast, Accurate Transcription
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Connect with Your Audiences with the Best Podcasts Platforms

Tech Place can help you find the Best Podcasts Platforms for your business. Our listing includes the Best Podcast Tools from around the world.

What Exactly are Podcasts?

According to Forbes, many people are still not aware of what podcasts are, which is something strange as its 2019 now!

A podcast is a kind of on-demand, internet talk radio. It focuses on a specific topic and is delivered in an episodic format.

Podcasts are an essential part of the digital landscape. They make a great tool for sharing new ideas. Since many people prefer listening than reading, podcasting has provided a great solution. A Podcast can be almost anything you wish.

Contrary to the traditional radio, there are no guidelines as such that you must follow with regard to advertising or air-time.

Podcasting today has a presence in almost all fields including education, entertainment, business, and more.

Elements of a Podcast

A podcast has 3 main elements.

These include:

  • Platform
  • Series
  • Episodes

Podcasting Platforms

Podcast platforms are places on the internet where podcasts are stored. Some platforms have many topics and a variety of different podcasts, while others are dedicated to a single show.

The Benefits of Podcasting
There are 51 million podcast listeners in the U.S ( The Infinite Dial)

According to, Podcasts provide businesses an excellent way to connect with their audiences.

Businesses today must consider including podcasts in their marketing strategy.

These podcasts have lots of benefits. Here are few:

Increased Traffic Generation

With the help of podcasts you get a chance to reach out to more people. They can help you build familiarity with different types of audiences. Listeners who are interested in your podcast usually subscribe to the podcast online and listen on a regularly basis.

Build Better Relationships with the Audience

Podcasts can also help you improve relations with your listeners. They have a personal touch so that can prove to be great for building relationships with the audiences.

Easy to Create

Another great benefit of using podcasts is that they are easy to create. The best podcast platforms allow you to create a podcast without much effort. All you need is a microphone and headphones in addition to a platform for creating a podcast.

Tech Place’s Listings of the Best Podcasts Platforms

We can help you find the Best Podcast Online Platforms to help you save time.

You can enjoy lots of features by using podcasts for marketing your products and reaching out to people. They will help you engage audiences and win customers in the long run.

So check out our listing of the Best Podcasts Online Platforms and boost your traffic now!