Best Screen Sharing Software

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Best Screen Sharing Software


Screen sharing or desktop sharing means sharing the content of your computer screen with another user, another device or multiple devices.

According to statistics, 54 percent of U.S. workers work remotely at least once a month, 48 percent do it once a week and 30 percent work remotely full-time. So that is where screen sharing software comes into action.

With screen sharing, you can get the ability to show the media file on your system including presentations, documents, images, and even videos with friends, colleagues and clients. It eliminates the need for sharing the media files. 

Screen sharing software is the programs that are equipped with all the features that are necessary for effective and convenient screen sharing.

These can be used to share anything like live customer support, webinars, presentations or share any design. The best screen sharing software is available to fulfil all these needs. 


Features of Screen Sharing Software

If you are looking for a suitable screen sharing software, you must consider some features that help you in picking up the best screen sharing software.

1.       The best screen sharing software windows offer multi-screen sharing in real-time. 

2.       One of the most important features in screen sharing software is user management option. This feature enables the user to share all elements on the screen or one window only. It allows the user to restrict the ability of the audience to access data and offers greater control and ensures privacy. 

3.       Windows screen sharing software should also have a screen recording feature along with video and/or audio-only recording.

4.       For security purposes, the screen sharing must be done in SSL encrypted connection. A lot of users use mobile phones and look for this software so these must be compatible with Android and iOS. 


Benefits of Using Screen Sharing Software

With the best screen sharing software, screens can be shared with multiple devices and platforms. There will be no need for setting up anything as other users just need to join the session. Screen sharing software can be integrated with the tools you are already using. 

The best free screen sharing software let you share the screen with anyone, in any location and at any time. Since all the connection will be through VoIP, participants will be able to access and control screens from different locations. 

Screen sharing software allows better collaboration, communication and coordination between the teams due to screen sharing and that results in more creativity, higher productivity and creation of better teams. 

Without screen sharing, teams may need to travel for meetings if they are at remote locations. Windows screen sharing software let you save on travel costs and time by sharing screens with participants in different locations. The best screen sharing software allows you to keep the record of the screen sharing session by recording audio and video together or separately. 

The screen sharing has been made simple by the best screen sharing software. You can schedule screen sharing sessions and easily invite participants from your contact list, and each user will have limited access permission as per your discretion. The best free screen sharing software has made it possible for the team members and stakeholders to make better relationship due to better communication.