SEM Tools

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    • No Minimum Fee, Only Pay for Clicks
    • Measure Performance Budget by The Day
    • It's Easy to Pull That Campaign into Bing Ads
    • Third Best Engine Online Advertising Campaigns
    • If You're Already Using Another Product Like Google Adwords

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    • Get Immediate Results
    • Precisely Control You Budget
    • Be Found at the Top of Google
    • Target Your Ideal Search Phrases
    • Increase Web Traffic and Qualified Leads
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    • Increase Traffic, Lift Conversion Rates
    • Build Perfect PPC Campaigns in Seconds
    • Unlimited campaigns, Unlimited keywords
    • Get Better CTR, Higher Quality Scores and Killer Conversion Rates
    • SpeedPPC Helps you Automatically Give exactly what you are looking for
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    • One-Time Set Up
    • Pay Per Click Management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Personnel Account Manager
    • Assign Keywords, Multiple Campaigns
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    • Real-Time Collaboration
    • Relevant Post-Click Experience
    • Google Ads & Analytics, 40+ Native Integrations
    • Heatmaps and A/B Testing, Ad Attribution Solution
    • Increase ROI on Every Google Ads Campaign with Instapage
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    • Your All-In-One Campaign-Creation Sandbox
    • Build and Publish Campaigns Faster Than Ever
    • Grow Your List of Engaged and Excited Followers
    • Get More Leads From Your Marketing Campaigns
    • Hand-Holding you Through a Successful Social Campaign
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    SEM Tools
    $1500.00/Lump Sum
    • Keyword research and campaign design
    • Sponsored InMail & Display campaigns on Linked-in
    • Post campaign support: 4 Hours of additional email support included
    • Setup, Activation, Research and One Round of Campaign Optimization
    • Complete Campaign Setup for Google Adwords + Linkedin B2B platform
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    • Get the Insight You Need to Grow
    • Design Dynamic, Intelligent Customer Journeys
    • Identify Your Biggest Opportunities and Take Action
    • Build a High-Converting Campaign in Just a Few Clicks
    • Effortless to Build, Robust and Responsive, Cutting-Edge
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SEM Tools

Use the Best SEM Tools to Win More Customers

What is Search Engine Marketing?

If you want your website to stand out and attract traffic, you must use Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a type of online marketing that helps you promote your website by increasing its visibility in of search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid advertising. This kind of online marketing includes SEO as well. If you do not have expertise in SEM marketing you need not worry. There are search engine marketing tools that can help. These tools are designed to help you manage your Search Engine Tools in a simple and effective way.

Why Search Engine Marketing?

Businesses today cannot ignore search engine marketing. With millions of users using search engines such as Google every second, there is a huge pool of potential users that awaits you online.

Google get over 63,000 searches per second per day

Google is the leading search engine that receives thousands of searches every day. There are people looking for information, products, services and everything under the sun using Google. That means there got to be people who could be interested in your products or services. The way to lead them to your website is Search Engine Marketing.

Search engine marketing is the most effective tactic of customer acquisition

According to statistics, search marketing that includes both SEO and paid is the most effective customer acquisition tactic. Search engine users are increasing at a great pace thanks to mobile technology that has made browsing a single touch away now. More Google searches take place on mobile devices compared to computers in many countries. Ranking well in search engines allows your buyers to carry out their own research, and it can be great for you too as there are tons of people looking for what you offer. So Search Engine Marketing has become the need of the day for businesses. It is a simple yet most powerful way to find and win customers.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing Tools

Managing your search engine marketing campaign is not easy. It calls for experience, expertise as well as insight. If you don’t have all these as most businesses, you need to rely on search engine marketing tools. These tools come with lots of features, helping you make the most of your paid campaigns as well as SEO efforts. Here are some benefits of SEM marketing tools:

  • Automated creation of product groups and ads

  • Keyword search, research, & display campaigns

  • Great %CTR with BPT campaigns

  • Automated search analytics reporting

  • Useful Insight

  • Campaign setup for Google AdWords