Social Media Analytics

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    • Social Media Tracker
    • Monitor Brand Reputation
    • Conduct a Deep Link Analysis
    • Analyze Competitor Ad Budgets and Keywords
    • Find the Right Keywords for SEO and PPC Campaigns
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    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Social Media Reports
    • Agent Collision Detection
    • Measure and Analyze Content Health
    • Understand the Audience Demography and Growth of Audience
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    • Website Audit
    • Lead Generator
    • On Page Checker
    • Page Changes Monitoring
    • Increase Social Media Rankings and Engagement
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    • Social Listening
    • Custom Reports
    • Planning Content and Strategy
    • Powerful Social Media Reporting
    • Create Meaningful Reports in Minutes
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    • Dive Deep into Content
    • Labelled Content Distribution Report
    • Report of Global, Content, and Competitor stats
    • Reports Built to Improve Social Content Strategy
    • Community Management and Response Time Report
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    • RSS Feed Updates
    • Post Flood Control
    • Manage  Social Media Work
    • Unlimited Social Media Accounts Management 
    • Save your posts as Drafts or Schedule/Publish it later
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    • Influencers
    • Audience Insights
    • Content Performance
    • Comprehensive Analytics
    • Brandable PDF Analytics Report
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    • Best-in-Class Integrations
    • Best for All Marketing Platform
    • Compare All Social Media Campaigns
    • No more Manual Copy/Pasting or Importing CSV Files
    • Reporting Automation Tool for PPC, SEO, Social and Web Analytics.
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    • Engagement Metrics
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Customize RSS Feed
    • Track your social Growth
    • Post Performance Metrics
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    • Automate Posts
    • Schedule Updates 
    • RSS Import, Hashtags.
    • Unlimited Social Accounts.
    • Bulk Upload, Image Editor, Video / Image Upload.

Social Media Analytics Tools

Make the Most of Your Online Advertising with the Best Social Media Analytics Tools

Social Media Analytics is an essential of social media marketing. It helps you manage and ensure the effectiveness of your social campaigns. Social Media is the latest and most powerful marketing channels today. With 3.48 billion (2019) users, more and more people are using social media and the number is growing.

Social Media has 3.48 billion users

Mobile technology has given a great boost to this communication medium. Countless people across the globe stay connected on Social Media Platforms every day. It means businesses who are seeking to reach out to their target audiences can easily locate and win customers by using Social Media Advertising. Social Media Analytics Tools can help you to a great extent to run and manage your social media advertising

Why Social Media Analytics Tools?

Business competition is getting fiercer on the World Wide Web. It is impossible to do without handy tools that can help you manage and measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts. Facebook enjoys the most active users on a daily basis than other social platforms. That is why it is vital to know how your social media campaigns are working and how you can maximize the results. Social media monitoring and tracking is essential to make the most of your marketing. Other than helping you perform social media analysis, these tools also provide you with tons of other exciting feature that would help you manage your social media advertising without any problem.

Here are some of the features that social media analytics tools offer:

  • Timely Social Media Publishing across all Social Networks
  • Management of Social Audience
  • Auto reporting for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics
  • Comparison of Facebook, AdWords, Twitter, and other social media networks
  • Unlimited Social Accounts
  • Unlimited Projects
  • RSS Import, Hashtags
  • Bulk Upload
  • Video / Image Upload