Web Analytics & Reporting

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    • Keyword Research,Product Listing Ads
    • Social Media Tracker ,Social Media Poster
    • Brand Monitoring,Traffic Insights,Content Analyzer
    • Discover New Competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads
    • Uncover Your Competitors’ Ad Strategies and Budget
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    • Website Audit Tool
    • Daily Ranking Checks
    • Automated SEO Audits
    • Off-page Optimization, On-page Optimization
    • Spy on the Google Rankings, the Google Ads campaigns, and the Backlinks of your Competitors
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    • SMM: Analytics and Angagement
    • Boost your Search Engines Tracking
    • Engagement and Social Media Listening
    • Increase Social Media Ranking and Engagement Rate
    • Auto-post your Social Media Updates to Social Networks
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    • Tracked Domains
    • Tracked Keywords200
    • SERP Lookups per 24 hours
    • Backlink Rows per 24 hours
    • Keyword Suggestions per Search
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    • Measures End-User Perspective
    • Quick and Accurate Aiagnosis of Problems
    • No Integration Issues and no Technology Risk
    • No Technical Experience or Training Necessary
    • Web-Based Real-Time Reports of Historical Data
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    • Full-Access Account
    • Analyzes Competitors
    • Keyword-Monitoring Requests
    • Onpage Crawls,API Credits, Link Update
    • Monitored Countries, Read-Only Accounts
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    • Best-in-Class Integrations
    • Best for all Marketing Platform
    • Compare all Social Media campaigns in the Charts
    • No more Manual Copy/Pasting or Importing CSV files
    • Reporting Automation tool for PPC, SEO,Web Analytics
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    • Select Locations
    • Checkup Frequency
    • SSL Expiration Monitoring
    • Uptime Monitors,Server Monitor
    • Maintenance Mode, Uptime Report History
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    • Automatic Event Tracking
    • Historical Data in Heatmaps
    • Share Recordings Across Teams
    • Replay VIdeos of your Users Sessions
    • Qualitative Analytics for Websites and Mobile Apps
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    •  Cost Per Click
    •  Keywords in Common
    •  Number of Backlinks
    •  Sources of SEO traffic
    •  Competition Strength

Web Analytics Tools

Best Web Analytics Tools For Real Reporting & Improvement of Your Business Strategies

Web Analytics Tools can help your business a long way. Tech Place has picked some of the best tools around that can help you in website analysis. Before we help you discover the finest tools, let us first look at what web analytics is all about and why is it important for your business.

What is Web Analytics?

Websites are your windows to the world. They are the gateway through which you reach out to your customers. Integral to the success and smooth running of your business on the Internet is Web Analytics . It is basically the collection, reporting, and analysis of the data of your site. It is meant to identify measures based on the goals of your business. Website analytics helps determine the success or failure of your business. It also helps to improve or change your marketing strategy. In addition, website analytics helps develop the user’s experience.

The Importance of Web Analytics

If you have yet not used web analytics tools, you must know that ignoring web analysis can prove to be deadly for your business. Why? Well, website analytics provide you with the real reports and analytics on how visitors behave when they reach your site. It also helps you learn the location, age, gender etc. of your visitors. In addition, you also get to know the most popular content, conversion rate and other important factors of your website. Of course all this information is critical to your business success. hat is why you got to have some reliable web analytic tools through which you can get all this data and information. According to Forbes, there are lots of benefits of website analytics such as:

  • Analytics puts your business in a stronger competitive position.
  • It allows you to understand customers.
  • Analytical insights help you discover ways to cut expenses.
  • A better analytics strategy helps your business grow.

Tech Place List of Best Web Analytics Tools

While Google Analytics is considered is as the best tool, depending on it alone is not enough. Your business needs advanced and more tools when it comes to web analytics.

Tech Place is the best marketplace where you can find the best website analytics tools to help you monitor your customer’s behavior for good.

These tools will also allow you to improve your SEO strategies and make changes as and when required. You will get real reports on which you can depend on. Here are some of the features of these tools: 

  • Automated SEO audits
  • Off-page optimization, On-page optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword-Monitoring Requests
  • Auto-posting your social media updates to all social platforms
  • Onpage Crawls, API Credits, Link Update

So wait no more and pick a tool for your web analysis to analyze and making right decisions for your business now!