Top 15 Backlink Generator Tools


Top 15 Backlink Generator Tools


What are Backlinks?


Backlinks refer to the inbound links that lead visitors directly to your website or blog. They are very useful tools that can act as building blocks to the most effective SEO (search engine optimization). 

The more backlinks you generate the better it is for your website ranking on search engines.

While ranking a website or determining how relevant a website’s content is, search engines consider different factors. To get more traffic to your website, you need more backlinks for your website on other websites or pages. 

The search engines will take every backlink as a vote for your website and increase the ranking of your website accordingly. Search engines decide to show your website in top search results and results in more organic traffic to your website. 

There are multiple ways in which you can create backlinks but those links should be organic otherwise search engines may consider them scam. 

Several backlinks generator tools can help you save time and generate maximum backlinks. 

Here are some of the top backlink generator tools that you must check out:  


Top 15 Backlink Generator Tools 

1. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is a backlink generator tool, which works at a lightning-fast speed. It helps you in generating the backlinks with ease and among the best backlink tools. The best thing about this service is that it supports you with every known strategy for generating backlinks and saves you from requesting others to add a backlink on their websites for your website. 

 NinjaOutreach searches for the links on other websites that are related to your web content but are not working or broken. It then asks the relevant website owner or webmaster to exchange the broken backlink with the link pointing to your website.  

It also helps you in competitor link building. It searches for the bloggers having links for your competitors and asks them to review your web content which may result in adding a backlink for your website. This backlink service is simple to use and explain every step for your convenience.  

2. Money Robot 

Money Robot has been considered as one of the best backlink generator tools. This tool was developed to make it extremely easy for you to generate valuable backlinks for your website. This backlink tool is equally beneficial for website owners, SEO companies, small and large media companies, and even big organizations. 

Money Robot supports almost all website platforms that you can use for creating backlinks. These platforms include Web 2.0 blogs, web directories, social network posts, wiki articles, press releases, article directories, forum profiles, and more. 

Without a doubt, generating backlinks is not an easy task. You have to create accounts, confirming emails, and submit your work to all the platforms timely and completely. Money Robot takes responsibility for all the above tasks. It will automate the process of generating backlinks and makes it the easiest task and will help you in increasing the traffic to your website. 


3. PostLinks  

PostLinks is not an old backlink service but it has earned a good reputation among the best backlink generator tools. PostLinks is an amazing tool that works fast and increases the credibility of your website by generating thousands of backlinks. 

If you are looking for an easy and cost-effective backlink service then PostLinks is the answer. It is an automated tool that only creates quality backlinks on websites that are relevant to your website and are interested in your web content. It will not be an easy task to create and manage backlinks but thanks to its advanced technology.  

PostLinks use multiple features like article spinning, optional content outsourcing, power scheduling, etc. to make it an effortless and productive for you. PostLinks you with the highest quality backlinks. As per PageRank and MOZ Domain Authority, 90% of the success of your website depends on the quantity and quality of backlinks and PostLinks does it professionally. 


4. LinksPanel 

LinksPanel one of the most useful backlink generator tools that help you to improve your search engine ranking by creating high domain authority links. This backlink tool provides backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites to search engines. LinksPanel is a very powerful tool and used advanced features to create the most authentic backlinks.  

LinksPanel allocated your advertising space and you can use that space to generate backlinks and you can also allow others to use your website to get backlinks. If you have any unused advertising space, you can earn some money by renting it out. 

LinksPanel panel uses all the strategies to create backlinks. It gives you access to millions of bloggers, media influencers, and relevant websites or pages so that you can reach out to them and start building backlinks. From broken links location to competitor’s link building, you will find this backlink service an amazing tool to get more traffic. 


5. is one of the first backlinks generating tools that was used to generate high-quality backlinks on a large scale. It's been 10 years since this backlink tool was created and it is still the top choice of professionals to buy and sell backlinks. is the most trusted platform if you want to buy or sell backlinks. If your website has more backlinks and has quality backlinks, it will have more authority with search engines. will take all the hassle of buying and selling links and you will get a more authoritative website in the end.  

If you want to buy links for your website, all you have to do is to search through the huge inventory of websites relevant to your web content. You can place links manually on those websites or asked to do it automatically. You can also add your free ad space to inventory to earn money by selling backlinks.  


6. Social Monkee 

Social Monkee is one of the cheapest backlink generator tools that you can use to get quality backlinks for your website. Social Monkee can generate valuable links for you in just $7. This is one- time payment and services will be for a lifetime. 

Social Monkee lets you use amazing tools to create backlinks. With this backlink tool, you can generate 25 links every day for your website. Social Monkee guarantees that every link you produce will be unique and will never repeat. These links will help you in getting your website indexed faster and get better search engine ranking.  

Social Monkee keeps boosting your existing backlinks and uses tier 1 backlinks. You can also get a list of your backlinks and reports on how much your backlinks have been used and if any of them have been omitted. Social Monkee also offers a 40% commission for any referral you provide to Social Monkee. 


7. Link Processor 

Link Processor is one of the top backlink generator tools that has been used by thousands of users

to successfully generate credible backlinks. Link Processor has been equipped with brilliant features and state of the art technology generates backlinks in no time. 


With a little investment of $9.95/mo, you can enjoy the best backlink tool. In this package, the Link Processor will generate 5,000 links every day that is huge 150,000 links per month. You will also have unlimited campaigns, unlimited API, and RPC requests. It guarantees you 30 times more pushing to each ink.  

If you are a reseller or SEO agency, you can have public reports on link submission to present to your clients. 3 layers system of crawling, indexing, and link pushing give more power to your backlinks. There is no manual work required with Link Processor as everything is automated and it turns the hard job of backlink generation into an effortless task. 


8. Link Emperor 

Link Emperor is not a low-cost option but if you can afford it, you will come to know how a powerful backlink generator tool works. Link Emperor has been considered as the best backlink tool ever created as it has a proven track record of benefiting its clients.  

The Link Emperor is available for $147/mo. The unique thing about Link Emperor is that like others, it is not just a single backlink generator tool. It has combined the most effective backlink tools in one place. When you use Link Emperor to generate backlinks, you are using multiple tools to generate backlinks for you. 

It uses Google Analytical and keeps changing the allocation of your links and automatically rotates through your URLs and keywords. Link Emperor reports you every backlink generated by the vendor. It confirms if it was able to verify the link and IP address of the referring page.  


9.   UberSuggest  

UberSuggest believes that backlinks are the most critical part of the search engines algorithm and helps you create a lot of backlinks effortlessly. UberSuggest is among those backlink tools that are economical and produce brilliant results. 

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business and managing 1 to 3 websites, you can grab the opportunity on UberSuggest for only $12/mo. The basic weapon of UberSuggest is that it gathers information on what strategies are being used by your competitors and how they are working well for them. You can then find out how you can use them and get better quality backlinks from them.  

UberSuggest is very easy to use. All you need to do is to enter the domain of your competitor and click search. It will give you all the backlinks on your competitor`s website. This backlink service will give you an overview of how effective one backlink is the most effective one to use. 


10. Check My Links 

Check My Links is the right answer if you are looking for something that can effectively locate broken links for you. This backlink service is a Google Chrome extension and you have to pay nothing for this tool.  

Check My Links works on a simple rule. First of all, it crawls through your website and checks all the backlinks on your website. It will locate all the links that are broken so that you can rectify or change them. Secondly, it goes through any source that you provide to check for the broken links so that you can ask the owner or webmaster to consider your website for the backlinks. The sources can be other websites, blogs, web dictionaries, etc. 

The best part of this backlink tool is that you do not have to work on each broken backlink separately. You can import a list of them and can work on all links together. 

11. LinkBird 

LinkBird is one of the simplest and powerful backlinks generator tools. Although, it is an all-in-one SEO tool generating quality backlinks is its specialty. LinkBird can be used by anyone and you do not have to be an IT expert before you can start using this backlink service. 

LinkBird is not limited to generating the backlinks. It has some other brilliant features related to backlinks. You can use it to analyze the popularity of your backlinks and profile. You can track your raking and conduct keyword research for search engine optimization.  

Its amazing features let you integrate your content marketing strategy and search engine optimization. You can use this backlink tool to locate websites for quality backlinks. It can uncover your competitor`s backlinks you can use the same. It facilitates the outreach process by providing you with an email ticket system. Also, you can collaborate with team members so that they can work together.  


12. PitchBox 

PitchBox is the master when we talk about backlink tools that can do link prospecting and outreach. If you want to take your brand or service to the next level through backlink building strategy, PitchBox is the best backlink generating tool. 

PitchBox helps you in creating the highest quality natural links. You can find your targeted opportunities based on your search preferences. You can find bloggers, influencers, and publishers in no time. The information will include contact information and social profiles for each prospect for a better connection to generate backlinks.  

PitchBox also keeps a follow-up so that you can avail of the opportunity to stay in touch with future backlinks prospects. When you reach out to any of the above for requesting a backlink, the appearance of your email is very important. It has a lot of brilliant templates that ensure that your email should not go un-noticed and must be taken seriously. 

13. Monitor Backlink 

Monitor Backlink is not a traditional backlink generating tool. It is more like a monitoring mechanism to keep looking for new backlinks and how you should design your link building strategy. This is a tool that you should use regularly.  

Monitor Backlink can provide information on every new backlink, provide information related to keyword rankings and site speed. It allows you to set up your competitor and start monitoring it. Monitor Backlink will give you an alert whenever your competitor receives a new backlink. You can better understand your competitor`s strategy and enables you to build a more effective strategy.


This backlink tool gives you a comprehensive overview of all backlinks that entail link status, anchor text, IP host detection, external link count, and social shares. Monitor Backlink is the best backlink tool that helps you in both ways. It can monitor your backlinks and your competitor`s backlinks at the same time.  


14. Linkody 

Linkody is a comprehensive backlink generating tool that enables you to check and understand your backlinks. It also provides you with valuable information about what your competitor is doing and what is the strategy used by them. 

Linkody has multiple plans for you and you can get the cheapest plan for $14.90/mo with 2 domains, 500 monitored links, and 1 user. Linkody send you an alert through an email whenever your competitor gets a backlink and plans how to chase that backlink. This backlink tool gives you a complete backlink profile of your competitor including several links, when each link was discovered, location of the URL, anchor text, Moz domain authority, IP, TLD, and EFL. 

Linkody allows you to build a better strategy by locating and monitoring backlinks, assessing backlinks through advanced metrics, and reviewing your competitor`s backlink strategy. This backlink tool lets you understand your competitor and build brilliant strategies.  


15. GroupHigh 

GroupHigh has been specifically designed to provide you with details of the best bloggers and influencers online so that you can build relationships. This backlink generator tool searches for all profiles and contact details of those bloggers and influencers and provides it to you. 

You start by entering a few keywords related to your industry and you get the results immediately. You can filter those results by the last post-date and domain authority. GroupHigh ensures two things that you reach out to only active blogs with a very strong reputation. 

Once you generate new backlinks, the next step is to confirm if those backlinks are working or not. This backlink service gives you a complete overview of your backlinks so that you can check if they are working or not and rectify them accordingly. GroupHigh claims that it provides you with more information as compared to other free backlinks and social analytical tools.




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