Cookie Policy

How cookies work?

There are multiple ways in which cookies help us to gather more information about you.

How our system recognize your device and your preference while visiting our website? We dispatch cookies to your system and these cookies set a tracking ID for your system.

Have you ever experienced why you receive recommendations, one-click purchase? All these activities are done with cookies.

With cookies, our system recognized your device and keeps sending you personalized advertisement on associated websites with

For example, whenever you make payment through any website that uses Tech Place payment service, you will see an advertisement from Tech Place according to your track record on Tech

To get more information on how to disable cookies, you can visit the help section of your internet browser.

Most of the browsers have this section which allows you to make such arrangements with your system that allows your browser to stop receiving these cookies. Also, you can change the way browser notify you whenever it receives a new cookie.

Add-on settings in browsers are used to delete all the data stored by the cookies. These setting let you completely disable the cookies. But remember, without these cookies, you may not be able to use our full services.

For example, after disabling cookies from our system, you will not be able to use all services that require you to sign in just like checkout and add items to your shopping cart.