Best Flashlight App 

Flashlights are your best companion in many situations and it is always a wise decision to keep them with you if you are doing camping in unlit places. (Forbes).

Mobile flashlights are among the best features of mobile phones. They don’t only improve the light on your snapshots but also serve as a handy tool in many situations.

Advanced technology has turned the flashlights into a valuable tool. There was a time when you only have flashlights with halogen bulbs and batteries. Those flashlights were bulky, produce enough light to see what is ahead of you and you needed to change or recharge the batteries frequently.

Long-lasting and high-output LED light bulbs along with long-lasting and powerful batteries turned the flashlights into must-have equipment. Almost everyone today carries a mobile phone with them so it was a great idea to add a flashlight to the mobile phones. 

Smartphones don’t need a separate flashlight to be included as the same flashlight used for cameras can be turned into a flashlight for all purposes. However, you need a flashlight application on your mobile phone to operate the flashlight.

Normally, you will find a built-in flashlight app in your mobile phone.

However, if your mobile phone has not a flashlight app or you are looking for a better application, you can find a lot at online stores and get the best flashlight app for your phone.

Also, most of the applications can be downloaded free of charge, it means you can also look for the best free flashlight app for your mobile.



It is understandable for flashlight apps developers that people are using two main operating systems for mobile phone which are iOS and Android. The great thing is that you can find the best flashlight apps for your Android mobiles and iPhone. 

The online market is full of these applications and you can easily find the best android flashlight app and the best flashlight app for iPhone.


Some Ways to Use Mobile Flashlight

Let’s have a look at some of the uses of these flashlights with the help of the best flashlight apps.


1- Use as Image Projector

If the images are printed on a transparent film, you can use these applications to project images with flashlights. 


2- Musical Light Show

You can find many applications that can make a flashlight perform a mini light show. Even there some best flashlight apps that can make the light flash as per the beats of a song though the music is played from another device.


3- Strobe Light

Many of the best free flashlight apps for android and iPhone can make your phone to have strobe light. You can use best android flashlight apps to turn the flashlight on and off and control the speed. 


4- Common Uses

The most common use of mobile flashlights is in the darkness. You can use your smartphone’s flashlight to illuminate space with the help of best flashlight apps.