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Indexing - Submit URL to Google 

Use the Best Indexing Tools To Submit URL to Google 

Indexing plays a critical role in search engine rankings. Letting the search engines know that your website exists is the most important thing that you need to do if you want more people to find out about your website.

To ensure your online success you need to use indexing tools. From attracting more online users to capturing their attention, creating quality content to increase traffic, indexing helps you enjoy many benefits for your business.

If you don’t have a web index tool to Submit url to Google yet it is time that you consider getting one. Tech Place can help you find the best tools that can help you index website with ease. But first, let us learn a bit about what exactly backlink indexing is all about.

What’s Backlink Indexing?
A search engine can be seen as a huge database with information about tons of webpages on the web. It has an organized index that tells the precise location of a page, website or link. When Google’s bots crawls the web, they perceive new links on sites and web pages and add them to the index. They also notice the links that are dead and update the index.

The Google Index is similar to an index in a library. But it this case, instead of books, the Google index lists all of the webpages that the search engine knows about. When it visits your site, it learns about new and updated pages and updates the Google index.

Many factors determine when your backlinks are indexed. These may include site authority of backlink’s source, how often your website is updated, the page rank of your web pages and backlinks quality.

Important indexing factors

Link domain age. Compared to newer domains, backlinks from older domains are usually more effective.

Referring page authority. This is another factor that helps determine how fast the backlinking will get indexed.

Social shares of the referring page. Another important factor that determines indexing is social shares of your referring page.

Site popularity. The popularity of a website also matters when it comes to indexing. For example, news websites are considered very popular as they are publishing content consistently.